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Sicily himera coin

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Category: Sicily himera coin

Category: Sicily himera coin

Sicily himera coin

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Coins from Himera

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sicily himera coin

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sicily himera coin

Greek Alphabet. Wiki Historia Numorum. Latin Plurals. Library of Ancient Coinage. Life in Ancient Rome. Nabataean Numerals. Numismatic Excellence Award. Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet. Phoenician Alphabet. Pi-Style Athens Tetradrachms.Discussion in ' Ancient Coins ' started by zumblyDec 7, Log in or Sign up. Coin Talk. There have been quite a number of posts recently showcasing budget grade coins, but I think it bears repeating that this hobby can really be enjoyed with very little money.

It's in no danger of ending up in a high-end auction catalog anytime soon, but I think it has a fairly good chance of outliving me by a millennia or two, and perhaps will even be appreciated by its next owner for being the interesting, ancient relic that it is. R: Nike flying left, holding aphlaston and hem of skirt. And since I didn't have to get the coin submitted for a best of type contest, I instead did abit of armchair travelling to ancient Himera and came up with a short summary : Himera was one of the earliest and most significant Greek settlements on the northern coast of Sicily.

By virtue of its position, the city came to be strategically important at a time when tensions between the Greeks and the Carthaginians, who controlled areas of western Sicily, began to rise. According to Herodotus, the Battle of Himera was fought on the same day as the Battle of Salamis, where Xerxes of Persia, who was allied with the Carthaginians, engaged the armies of the Greek city-states.

Even as that battle was a disaster for the Persians, the Battle of Himera on Sicily ended with the crushing defeat of the Carthaginians. Of Hamilcar, it is said that he was either killed in battle, or that he hurled himself into a huge sacrificial fire when the defeat of his army became apparent.

This coin dates to the period following the Battle of Himera, when the city flourished even as disputes between the various Sicilian tyrants and despots continued. This prosperity, however, was not to last.

He had been charged by the Carthaginian senate to attack and sack the city of Selinos on behalf of the city of Segesta.

But Hannibal did not stop after he had completed that task With a relieving fleet from Syracuse misdirected by rumours spread by Hannibal, and the Himerans had little chance of holding out on their own against the Carthaginians and the city's defenses were soon overwhelmed. On the site of his grandfather's defeat, Hannibal is said to have sacrificed Greek prisoners. He then had Himera so completely destroyed that it was never rebuilt again.

Post 'em if you've got em! Last edited: Dec 7, Gil-galadchrsmat71doucet and 6 others like this. Log in or Sign up to hide this ad. I have none. Interesting history even if the coin is not BoT. I'd welcome it into the fold. BingDec 7, Himera has a variety of very interesting coins.

Few of them exist in great condition though. While I've come close to bidding on a few tetradrachms, at the moment this litra is my only Himeran and it was from a mixed lot one of the few coins specified in the seller's description. TIFDec 7, AncientnoobGil-galadchrsmat71 and 4 others like this.

TIF likes this. Nice find! Love those old Sicilian bronzes! That's a nice coin, and thanks for the write-up.Greek city of Himera in Sicily Silver Drachm 16mm 5. Hen standing right within incuse square.

You are bidding on the exact item pictured, provided with a Certificate of Authenticity and Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity. Its remains lie within the borders of the modern comune of Termini Imerese. Remains of the Temple of Victory. Ideal reconstruction of the Temple of Victory.

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It was the first Greek settlement on this part of the island and was a strategic outpost just outside the eastern boundary of the Carthaginian -controlled west. Thucydides says it was the only Greek city on this coast of Sicily, which must however be understood with reference only to independent cities; Mylaewhich was also on the north coast, and certainly of Greek origin, being a dependency of Zancle modern Messina. The foundation of Himera is placed subsequent to that of Mylae as, from their relative positions, might naturally have been expected both by Strabo and Scymnus Chius : its date is not mentioned by Thucydides, but Diodorus tells us that it had existed years at the time of its destruction by the Carthaginians, which would fix its first settlement in BCE.

We have very little information as to its early history: an obscure notice in Aristotlefrom which it appears to have at one time fallen under the dominion of the tyrant Phalarisbeing the only mention we find of it, until about BCEwhen it afforded a temporary refuge to Scythestyrant of Zancle, after his expulsion from the latter city. Not long after this event, Himera fell itself under the yoke of a despot named Terilluswho sought to fortify his power by contracting a close alliance with Anaxilasat that time ruler both of Rhegium modern Reggio di Calabria and Zancle.

But Terillus was unable to resist the power of Therondespot of Agrigentum modern Agrigentoand, being expelled by him from Himera, had recourse to the assistance of the Carthaginians, a circumstance which became the immediate occasion of the first great expedition of that people to Sicily, BCE.

The magnitude of the armament sent under Hamilcarwho is said to have landed in Sicily with an army ofmen, in itself sufficiently proves that the conquest of Himera was rather the pretext, than the object, of the war: but it is likely that the growing power of that city, in the immediate neighborhood of the Carthaginian settlements of Panormus and Solushad already given umbrage to the latter people.

Hence it was against Himera that the first efforts of Hamilcar were directed: but Theron, who had thrown himself into the city with all the forces at his command, was able to maintain its defence till the arrival of Gelon of Syracusewho, notwithstanding the numerical inferiority of his forces, defeated the vast army of the Carthaginians with such slaughter that the Battle of Himera was regarded by the Greeks of Sicily as worthy of comparison with the contemporary victory of Salamis.

The same feeling probably gave rise to the tradition or belief, that both triumphs were achieved on the very same day. This great victory left Theron in the undisputed possession of the sovereignty of Himera, as well as of that of Agrigentum; but he appears to have bestowed his principal attention upon the latter city, and consigned the government of Himera to his son Thrasydaeus.

But the young man, by his violent and oppressive rule, soon alienated the minds of the citizens, who in consequence applied for relief to Hieron of Syracuseat that time on terms of hostility with Theron.

The Syracusan despot, however, instead of lending assistance to the discontented party at Himera, betrayed their overtures to Theron, who took signal vengeance on the unfortunate Himeraeans, putting to death a large number of the disaffected citizens, and driving others into exile.

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Shortly after, seeing that the city had suffered greatly from these severities, and that its population was much diminished, he sought to restore its prosperity by establishing there a new body of citizens, whom he collected from various quarters. The greater part of these new colonists were of Dorian extraction; and though the two bodies of citizens were blended into one, and continued to live harmoniously together, we find that from this period Himera became a Doric city, and both adopted the institutions, and followed the policy, of the other Doric states of Sicily.

This settlement seems to have taken place in BCEand Himera continued subject to Theron till his death, in BCE : but Thrasydaeus retained possession of the sovereignty for a very short time after the death of his father, and his defeat by Hieron of Syracuse was speedily followed by his expulsion both from Agrigentum and Himera.

In BCE we find the Himeraeans, in their turn, sending a force to assist the Syracusans in throwing off the yoke of Thrasybulus ; and, in the general settlement of affairs which followed soon after, the exiles were allowed to return to Himera, where they appear to have settled quietly together with the new citizens.

From this period Diodorus expressly tells us that Himera was fortunate enough to escape from civil dissensions, and this good government must have secured to it no small share of the prosperity which was enjoyed by the Sicilian cities in general during the succeeding half-century. But though we are told in general terms that the period which elapsed from this re-settlement of Himera till its destruction by the Carthaginians — BCEwas one of peace and prosperity, the only notices we find of the city during this interval refer to the part it took at the time of the Athenian expedition to Sicily, BCE.

On that occasion, the Himeraeans were among the first to promise their support to Syracuse: hence, when Nicias presented himself before their port with the Athenian fleet, they altogether refused to receive him; and, shortly after, it was at Himera that Gylippus landed, and from whence he marched across the island to Syracuse, at the head of a force composed in great part of Himeraean citizens.

A few years after this the prosperity of the city was brought to a sudden and abrupt termination by the great Carthaginian expedition to Sicily, BCE. Though the ostensible object of that armament, as it had been of the Athenian, was the support of the Segestans against their neighbors, the Selinuntinesyet there can be no doubt that the Carthaginians, from the first, entertained more extensive designs; and, immediately after the destruction of Selinus, Hannibal Magowho commanded the expedition, hastened to turn his arms against Himera.

That city was ill-prepared for defence; its fortifications were of little strength, but the citizens made a desperate resistance, and by a vigorous sally inflicted severe loss on the Carthaginians. They were at first supported by a force of about auxiliaries from Syracuse, under the command of Diocles ; but that general became seized with a panic fear for the safety of Syracuse itself, and precipitately abandoned Himera, leaving the unfortunate citizens to contend singlehanded against the Carthaginian power.

The result could not be doubtful, and the city was soon taken by storm: a large part of the citizens were put to the sword, and not less than of them, who had been taken prisoners, were put to death in cold blood by Hannibal, as a sacrifice to the memory of his grandfather Hamilcar.

The city itself was utterly destroyed, its buildings razed to the ground, and even the temples themselves were not spared; the Carthaginian general being evidently desirous to obliterate all trace of a city whose name was associated with the great defeat of his countrymen.Free shipping.

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sicily himera coin

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Ancient Sicily on a Shoestring - Himera

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